Local 24 Hour Perth, WA Grade A1 Monitoring Station

Our ASIAL Grade A1 monitoring facility, Spectus Pty Ltd, handles all of our alarm monitoring. This premium alarm monitoring station is located right here in Perth and has established itself as Western Australia’s premier alarm monitoring centre. Since Spectus was founded in 1999, it’s been providing home and business owners across the state with exceptional alarm monitoring services.

Western Australia’s Leading Security Monitoring Service

What is it that makes Spectus Western Australia’s best alarm monitoring company?

  • In the event of a network failure, triplex incoming communication paths and primary communications with Digital Fibre Optic will fall back to a secondary PSTN analogue network, followed by GSM redundancy
  • Digital voice logging
  • Independent client databases, allowing client email history reporting
  • GPRS wireless monitoring

The Spectus control room is also completely independent, so in the event of a power outage our auxiliary generator can keep us fully functioning without any disruptions. This is just one more way we take your security needs very seriously. This secondary power source was put to the test back in 2012 when bad storms wiped power out across Perth for 36-hours.

Why is Security Monitoring SO Important?

Installing an alarm system at your home is great, but what good is an alarm system if no one is monitoring it?

Even if you have a high-tech system that communicates directly with your phone or tablet, what happens if you don’t notice the notification, or if your phone dies while you’re away from the house?

Our 24/7 security monitoring service ensures nothing goes unchecked. If your alarm is triggered at any point during the day or night, we’ll be able to track any suspicious activity.

If you’re interested in having your home or work alarm monitored by Western Australia’s finest security professionals, contact us today!