Each year, hundreds of thousands of Australian homes are broken into – in 2016 this was as many 335,700 homes. So, how do you protect your home from unwanted intruders? Home security cameras will ensure your house is protected, even when you’re not at home!

Casa Home Security Cameras

All of our home security systems are tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs. We can recommend both Bosch alarm systems and Kocom intercoms, which will ensure your home and family are protected, while also providing great value for money!

The biggest piece of advice we give our clients is that an off-the-rack security solution won’t necessarily provide you with the best possible security system based on your property and your specific needs. This is why we draw on our extensive industry experience and only recommend the finest quality products, to ensure our monitored Casa Security systems keep your property safe and secure.

Our home security cameras and systems can include combinations of the following:

  • Passive Infra Red (PIR) movement sensors
  • Dual technology (microwave and PIR) sensors
  • Pet friendly (PIR) movement sensors
  • Door and window contacts and vibration sensors
  • Glass break sensors and shatter points
  • Outdoor boundary sensors
  • Duress and panic alarms
  • Medical alarms
  • Fire and smoke detectors (building compliant)
  • Remote (Fob) access and connection to garage doors
  • Video and audio intercom entry systems
  • Direct wireless monitoring technology
  • GSM backup

Talk to Casa Security today about updating your home security system!