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Not everything we do or are capable of doing can be found in the next few pages. Contact us and we will be sure to find a security solution to match your needs.

services-monitoring-1   Local 24 Hour West Australian Grade A1 Monitoring Station
Holding the highest certification available in Australia, our own ASIAL Grade A1 monitoring facility, Spectus Pty Ltd, is WA’s Premier Security Monitoring Centre. [more…]
services-home-1   Home Alarm Systems to help protect Family and Possessions
Tailored for your specific needs, Casa will recommend and support Bosch Alarm Systems to help protect your Home and Family while providing value for money. [more…]
services-corporate-1   Commercial Security and Access Control Systems
From the small corner shop to the largest multi-level complex, Casa is your one-stop security solution provider. Standard and IP based systems providing scalable systems that will fit your needs now and into the future. [more…]
services-ip-based-1   IP Based Solutions – Alarm, Access Control, CCTV, EVAC, PA, Bosch,Tecom
Casa Security specializes in providing world class solutions for integration of large scale infrastructure. Schools, Mine Sites, Multi Tenant and Local Government. [more…]
services-cctv-1   CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
Casa offers specialised CCTV system Design and Installation; we have expertise with High Rise Buildings, Shops, Hotels and Industrial sites, to name a few of the many installations undertaken each year. [more…]
services-connections-1   Service, Connections and Preventative Maintenance
Casa can provide for new connections to our Grade 1A Central Monitoring Station for many types of existing Security Systems. Casa can also facilitate Preventative Maintenance plans or arrange for ongoing service on a user-requires basis – all of which is at the end-users discretion. [more…]